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August 7, 1914: The British expeditionary Force Lands in France

August 7, 1914 - The first British troops land in France. The 120,000 highly trained members of the regular British Army form the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) commanded by Field Marshal John French. Thse soldiers are veterans of the Boer War and some form old wars like the Sudan. Their professionalism under fire makes them the best troops on either side. They head straight toward Belgium where the Germans are beseiging Leige.

The Lights Go Out in England: 100 Years Ago Britain Declared War on Germany

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The Houses of Parliament, Blackpool Illuminations and Tower Bridge were darkened to mark the outbreak of the First World War. From 10pm on -– the hour when Britain declared war with Germany 100 years ago. In addition the National Theatre, Cornwall’s Eden Project,Gateshead Millennium Bridge,  the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and Manchester’s Old Trafford ground as well as churches, mosques and other places of worship also observed the solemn occasion.

Canada Builds Its First Army: World War 1

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From "The Salient: A Novel of the Great War" by Kim Kinrade: (Release date September 2014
"His Majesty's Government gratefully accepts your offer
to send an expeditionary force to this country,
and would be glad if it could be dispatched
as soon as possible."
- King George V to the Prime Minister
of Canada: August 1914 

The Guns of August: War is Declared

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August 1:  Germany declares war on Russia
August 3:  Germany declared war on France.
August 4:  Great Britain declares war on Germany. Canada, as a colony of Great Britain, is also at war. Prime Minister Robert Borden calls to support Great Britain. Canadians rush to enlist in the military.  Germany unleashes the Schlieffen Plan, a military strategy that requires it to invade neutral Belgium on its way to defating France.

July 23 to 31, 1914: Mobilization Begins

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July1914 was definitely the month that changed the world. On July 23rd Austria sent an impossible ultimatum to Serbia and the response, although seen to many asd reaonable, was flatly refused by the Austrian government. Therefore, pleased with Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany's assurances for support,  Austria declared war on Serbia prompting Russian, Serbia's ally, to mobilize.

The Salient: A Novel of the Great War

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The Salient: A Novel of the Great War began as a short article of my grandfather's time serving in World War 1 with the Canadian army. As I investigated his service the stories surrounding him were so compelling that it turned into a very long novel! It is due for release in early 2015.