Kim Kinrade’s Ice Break 20th Anniversary Edition Now Available on Amazon

Maritime Terror!
The maiden voyage of the world’s largest icebreaker, billed as a “short VIP cruise,” turns into a long nightmare as armed, environmental terrorists hijack the CCGS Canadian and use it to destroy European fishing boats on the Grand Banks causing hundreds of casualties.
While the ship’s captain Alice MacIsaac and her crew work clandestinely to regain their ship an international crisis brews led by an arrogant French president who sends French warships to the Canadian east coast on a mission “to protect French fishing boats.”
Canada’s Prime Minister, a former United Nations major-general, recommissions a disgraced officer of the Canadian Parachute Regiment, Captain Tom Dorey, to lead a Special Forces unit to stop the icebreaker and free the hostages. But can the perpetrators be stopped before French warships arrive?
Available on Amazon
(Soon to be re-printed in paperback)