The Lights Go Out in England: 100 Years Ago Britain Declared War on Germany

england declares war, the salient_a novel of the great war

The Houses of Parliament, Blackpool Illuminations and Tower Bridge were darkened to mark the outbreak of the First World War. From 10pm on -– the hour when Britain declared war with Germany 100 years ago. In addition the National Theatre, Cornwall’s Eden Project,Gateshead Millennium Bridge,  the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and Manchester’s Old Trafford ground as well as churches, mosques and other places of worship also observed the solemn occasion. In addition whole vililages and vast areas of Great Britain turned our their lights.
This act was to mark the words of Sir Edward Grey, Britain's foreign secretary, who said these words on August 3 1914. “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”
He was only partly right and his words vastly understated. Because after 100 years the lights still have not gained their brightness as regional wars and a bullying Russia take center stage in the news.