The Legend of Tony Baker and Other Lies

This is Kim Kinrade’s second full-length album and is an eclectic 10-song recording where the theme song features a hot-rod racer in a 1950 Studebaker Starlite. The songs range from this wide-open boogie to a cool Southern rocker, comedy songs, the beaches of Aruba and many other fun styles.

Producer Steve Dooks also engineered the project and wrote the horn arrangement for Tony Baker that features three of this area’s top players: Ken MacKay, Rick Waychesko and Danny Martin. Steve also provided his talents on Hammond organ, slide guitar, lead guitar and piano for many songs as well as writing great vocal arrangements. Ken MacKay also provides a haunting clarinet solo in The Old Bounty Hall.

Other notables on the album are Greg Witt, a drummer from South Africa who is a Musical Director with Carnival Cruiselines; Kim’s son, Brett, playing bass on four songs; and his daughter, Samantha, playing ukulele on four songs. Local singers Elyse Delaney and Joseph Goodwin provide smooth background vocals. Listen to short tracks of this CD



The Gist of It
The Kim Kinrade Recordings 1978 – 1990

“The Gist of It” is a 17 song CD in chronological order beginning with my album “Kimberley.” The recordings  reflect my experiences performing during one of the greatest periods in music: the 1960’s through the 1980’s.  Beginning in 1978 the songs were recorded on tape and most were mastered to vinyl. From my beginnings in Kimberley, B.C., in the Canadian Rockies, through to the pre-Millennium decade, I travelled most of the country performing in venues from plush show bars in 5-Star hotels with Sensation, a top showband, to outright dives as a single performer. 
Listen to short tracks of this CD





Kim Kinrade Performs

With over 35 years in the music business Kim Kinrade has an uncanny sense of giving people what they want, and even a few things they never expected. A consummate entertainer and story-teller Kim weaves music and dialogue into an unforgettable show. Equally fluent in both guitar and piano he can perform in both pub and piano bar venues. 

kimkinrade, royal caribbean piano entertainer

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