K im Kinrade is the bestselling author of Ice Break, Beneath the Plains of Abraham, The Millennium Man, The Polar Track, Brian Jones' Diary, Road Food, The Salient: A Novel of the Great War and Rockets of the Reich. Born and raised in Kimberley, British Columbia, on the B.C. side of the Canadian Rockies, Kim studied Political Science at the University of British Columbia.


In bestselling author Kim Kinrade’s 9th book, The Dog Soldier, Jackie Benson,
a seventeen year-old runaway from Southern Alberta joins the American army during the last throes of its involvement in the Vietnam War.




Retired Canadian and U.N. Major-General Lewis Mackenzie reviews Kim Kinrade's novel "Beneath the Plains of Abraham"


Kin Kinrade - 2000
Kim Kinrade - 2000

K im Kinrade is the bestselling author of Ice Break, Beneath the Plains of Abraham, The Millennium Man and Rockets of the Reich.
Born and raised in Kimberley, British Columbia, on the B.C. side of the Canadian Rockies, Kim studied Political Science at the University of British Columbia. After graduating he went into music professionally where he produced an album and two singles. His music career eventually took him to Alberta where, besides being a popular performer, he went on to produce another album and a music video that aired on the Jerry Lewis Telethon in 1990.
Kim met his wife, Heather, a Nova Scotian, in 1985 and six years later they moved to the east coast. It was during this time that he rekindled a past-time that had been put on hold while studying at U.B.C. - writing short stories. An Honourable Mention in the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia-sponsored writing contest spurred Kim on to write another short story focusing on his grandfather's exploits in World War I. This short story ultimately formed the basis for his first novel, The Salient, an epic that traces a group of Canadian soldiers in the First World War from their initial army registration in Nelson, B.C. in 1914, to Ypres, Belgium, where they fight off waves of attacking Germany infantry during the world's first gas attack.
Ice Break, Kim's first published novel, was released in March 1997 and became a National Bestseller. This action-thriller was followed in late-1998 by a sequel entitled Beneath the Plains of Abraham, a modern-day adventure about a rebellion which takes place in Quebec.
The Millennium Man followed in early 2000 and Rockets of the Reicha hardcover issue by BainbridgeBooks out of Philadelphia, was released in May 2000. He is a member of the Writers’ Council of Nova Scotia and spends some spare time in activities such as teaching writing and evaluating works of others.

Kim lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where is he a popular entertainer as well as an article writer.