Beneath the Plains of Abraham

The Canadian province of Quebec votes for separation from Canada in a questionable referendum. Almost immediately the armed forces of the newly-established, Republic of Quebec, aided by an ultra-nationalist, French government, conduct sabotage against Canadian military bases.

Upon receiving proof that the separatists rigged the election Canadian Prime Minister Jay Carruthers - a former United Nations Major-General haunted by the recent death of his wife - dons his old uniform to lead the Canadian forces against Gilles Beauchamp, the charismatic Quebec leader who has fanatically conducted aggression against his former country.

E-Book only: 345 pages.


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Retired Canadian and U.N. Major-General Lew Mackenzie review's Kim Kinrade's novel "Beneath the Plains of Abraham" 


"I found it an interesting tie in to the history of Canada and what impact it has on the future. The drama of divided loyalties was quite compelling and you had a feeling it was all plausible. When you think how close Quebec actually came from separating from Canada it makes it all that much more suspenseful".

"This story was of particular interest since it deals with our neighbor to the north Canada and is of a plausible nature in this day and time of seeking independence from a ruling entity.
The writer holds your interest because of the plausible situations and keeps you interested in what is going to happen next.
The story involves the complexity of involving other nations to assist the Quebec Province in its sought after independence.
It is a page turner that keeps you reading"!

James R. Jetton

"Spoilers! The premise was good, but took forever to get started. I still cannot see any Navy in the world operating a deep water submarine in the St. Lawrence Seaway. But at least the USA saved the day"!