Ice Break

This exciting, edge-of-your-seat action-adventure revolves around the CCGS Canadian, a mega-sized Russian-built icebreaker purchased by Canada and equipped with a top secret navigation and weapons-control system for northern military and commercial operations. The highly-anticipated, maiden voyage of the Canadian turns into an international crisis when environmental terrorists hijack the ship and use it to destroy European fishing boats. They claim these fishing are responsible for wiping out the northern cod, formerly the largest fish population in the world.

Ice Break was a national bestseller in 1997

E-Book only: 306 pages



Fantastic book, a real thriller. "Kim has obviously done a lot of research into the Coast Guard for this book. Once I started reading I didn't want to put it down. Keep the books coming". Action Packed "Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase I totally enjoyed this action pack adventure. The story was fast paced and constantly growing. It never lost my interest. The charactors were strong and easy to identify with. It was a hard book to put down". Larry B. Gray Canadian Thriller "Ice Break is an exciting adventure that takes place in the Canadian Arctic. It has well developed characters and a good pace. As a Canadian I appreciated the setting and the details of Canadian military operations. Over all a fun read". J. S. Bird