The Millennium Man

War Hero or Murderer?

Indicted for murder in one of the worst crimes against the Northwest Mounted Police in their history, 16 year-old Harley Melanson escapes to join the Canadian army, which is heading off to fight in the mud of Flanders.  Behind him is Robert DeWolfe, an inspector with the newly-formed Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who is one step behind him in, what eventually turns out to be, an 84 year chase.

While eluding the police inspector,  Melanson becomes a fighter pilot, flying in four conflicts and meeting heroes and villains along the way such as Billy Bishop, Will Barker, Hermann Göring, Sir Arthur Currie, King George V, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, German flying ace, Adolph Galland, Ernest Hemingway and  Winston Churchill.

Now masquerading as Brian Shelby, a 99 year-old multi-millionaire whose fortune was made in the aviation field, Harley is visited by members of the RCMP and Justice Department who mean to find out if the Order of Canada recipient is really a war hero, or a fugitive “cop-killer.”


E-Book only: 588 pages



Neat Concept - Well Executed
"Kim Kinrade seems to have a good grasp of Canadian history and weave the accurate facts together with the fictional tale nicely. This was a good read - well written."

Zooming Through History
"Elements within this novel reminded me of the aviation pulp fictions magazines of the 30's and 40's that I read as a child. Improbable meetings with world figures on the aerial field of combat with the protagonist besting the best of the best, time after time. Really just as the foundation of pulp fiction that makes no pretense to historical accuracy.
Clearly the author likes flying, but does come up a bit short in some of his aviation knowledge. Messerschmitt should not have been so frequently misspelled, and the author really should check out the composition of Spitfire propellers.
On the whole, I found Millennium Man to be an enjoyable and light read for flying and non-flying enthusiasts alike".