Rockets Of The Reich

Best-selling author Kim Kinrade makes his US publishing debut with this exciting tale of intrigue and deception during World War II. Using the expertise gained from his successful rocket program Adolph Hitler and his SS minions develop a plan to devastate two American cities with coordinated V2 rocket attacks. To carry out the plan the Nazis christen a huge, new submarine that they use to transport rockets to a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Hardcover and eBook: 301 pages


"This exciting adventure novel presents an alternative historical scenario. It is June, 1944, and the Germans have developed a nuclear weapon. They plan to launch their rockets against selected United States cities from a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. A U-boat commander is entrusted with transporting the rockets across the Atlantic to their launching point.

"The suspense builds as the urgency of war gradually overtakes this quiet island and the inhabitants begin to realize their country has been invaded. An officer of the US Coast Guard, experienced in convoy battles and with a U-boat to his credit, and a Canadian army veteran who was discharged, maimed and in disgrace, after the disastrous raid on Dieppe, join forces with each other and with a surprising ally to try to stop the rocket launch before it's too late.

"The story is fast-paced, but the author does not neglect to develop his characters to a degree not often seen in this genre. The stereotypical Nazis too often encountered in adventure novels are absent; instead, each is distinguished by his own motivations, attitudes, and experiences.

"The author's meticulous research is evident in the many small historical details which add color and dimension and draw the reader into the wartime mood. A few technical issues are noted, but they do not detract from the story, and the overall accuracy is excellent."

Very Good
"Fast moving, technically intriguing and rich with characters, both real and fictional. Poses an interesting "what if ..." scenario that stays within the realm of plausibility. Would make a great movie"!
Dale from Almanor

Great Story Teller
"Great story line. I wasn't expecting things to turn out quite the way they did.I would certainly read another novel by Kim. Hard to put down once you begin".
Matthew B. Reily

Action Packed
"Excellent story line, the author does what all authors should do... he makes you not want to put the book down, and if like myself who likes to read just before nodding off to sleep, it's a late night every night! You really get to hate the bad guys in this book, and some who you might think as the enemy, turn out to be the hero's in the end. Never a dull moment, well worth the read"!

A Very Interesting Novel
"For anyone who remembers the WWII classic the Eagle has Landed it will be impossible not to compare. Both present the dichotomy of the professional German soldier (a paratrooper in the Higgins book, a U Boat commander here) who fights for the homeland as his duty but is far from barbaric and the political SS/Gestapo men. it doesn't reach the mastery of the classic but it is an enjoyable read..
I didn't knew before reading it that Germans actually conducted experiments to equip submarines with rockets (actually in June 1942 the first ever documented rocked launch from a submerged u boat took place) and they did consider it as a mean to attack the US. So the novel is credible, a must in this genre".