Shore Life Radio Playlists "She Wants to Go Back to Aruba"

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southern rock, alternative rock

Kim Kinrade's She Wants to Go back to Aruba has been playlisted by Shore Life Radio.

"When asked to define our style of music we say Tropical, Americana, Gulf Coast, Coastal, Variety, Raggae, Dub, Country, Southern Rock, Folk, Trop Rock, Island infusions and Trop Country with a hint of swizzled in blues. Simply we are a variety of music relating to escapism, vacations, relaxation, island and shoreline destinations.  Diving into a Jimmy Buffett pool of music and running with it straight into the ocean. We have Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Beach Boys, Beatles,Bob Marley,Bobby Darin, Kid Rock, Zac Brown in our vast library with lots of other great songwriters. Sharing original music from some of the worlds hidden talented songwriters and musicians. Supplying an endless level of tropical vacation music to comical boating songs. We bring you the music & lyrics to help you live the Lake, Salt and Shore Life no matter where you are located." Quote for website.

She Wants to Go Back to Aruba - YouTube